Cemetery Project

Request:  Develop a spreadsheet that will allow for data entry of burial space information and tie that to a plot map which displays basic information. End product:  A 102 sheet workbook with a data sheet, look-up sheet, and 100 map sheets.    

Inventory List Project

Request:  Help customers choose the correct product to order instead of select the wrong product which needs to be returned.   End Product:   A workbook that includes pictures in comments to help customers identify the right product.  

Senior Care Center Project

Request:  Develop a sheet that allows form recording of fall and injury data for a senior care center.  Also develop a graphical method to present data at board meetings. End Product:   A workbook that records monthly fall and injury data for residents at the care center.  The workbook also included a summary page that totaled

Weekly Pay Project

Request:  Have a worksheet that shows the current spent on wages for both straight time and overtime and have it show what is remaining in that budget. End Product:   A workbook that lists employees and their wages by week for both regular pay and overtime pay.  It also shows the current expended from the budget. 

Fuel Invoice Project

Request:  Develop a way to record fuel purchased for different vehicles. End Product:   A workbook with a monthly data entry space and drop down menus to create mail-able invoices.  

College Shirt Distribution Project

Request:  Develop a way to use data exported from a student information system to prepare shirts by size and dorm for distribution at the beginning of the school year. End Product:   A workbook that uses several functions with drop downs to display how many shirts of each size were needed for each dormitory.